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Restorative dentistry

Root Canals, Dental Crowns & Dentures for Anchorage & Wasilla

From dental crownsto dentures, we are the trusted name in Anchorage, AK and Wasilla for restorative dentistry

In the past, diseased teeth were removed to prevent further damage to the mouth. Luckily these days we have a host of restorative dentistry methods which can help save diseased teeth. At Four Corners Dental Group, we can perform these procedures such as dental crowns & root canals with the highest level of expertise.
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Root canals

Root canals allow the dentist to remove the pulp (the substance that supplies the tooth with nerves, nutrients, connective tissue and blood vessels) clean the canal and seal the tooth, effectively protecting and saving the tooth.  The dentist will then put a permanent filling or a crown on the tooth depending on the location of the tooth within the mouth.   At Four Corners Dental Group, we have performed these procedures many times and have saved many teeth from having to be removed.

Dental crowns

Depending on the type of treatment you have received for your dental problem, it might be necessary to:
Have your tooth restored to its original size and shape
Supply additional physical support for the treated tooth
Get a complete "makeover" on the affected tooth
In these cases a dental crowns are the best option. Crowns will completely cover every visible part of the tooth. A part of your tooth remains but is essentially "rebuilt" to resemble the tooth at its exterior best. For more information or to receive a free consultation, please contact us today in Anchorage or Wasilla.


In some situations it may be essential to extract all of a patient's lower or upper teeth. This may be due to disease, malnutrition or genetic disorders. Dentures essentially give a patient a second chance at  a beautiful smile.  We can provide partial dentures (replacing a string of missing teeth secured to your remaing teeth with clasps) or complete dentures, depending on the requirements of the patient.  Having dentures will help with chewing and maintaining the facial structure and improve speech. 

For exceptional restorative dentistry, contact Four Corners Dental Group today.

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